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The Nigth House


The serenity of the night, wrapped into the mystery, where the dreamlike subconscious oneiric, rises powerfully by divine power, where darkness becomes

mystical and, the moon illuminates the soul's ascension.

The copal incense-impregnated ceremony raises prayers to the goddess of the night so that she blesses her children, who offer dance and the ball game.

Under Totonac cosmovision, the night is the architect of the magical creation of Mother Earth, the cycles of the moon nourish and determine the moments of sowing and cultivation and, the moon faces represent the fertilization that will bear fruit; as a womb gestates the new life, the moon goddess stands up so that the harvest is prosperous.

There is possible to appreciate the field for "The ball game" a mythical ritual it was very important in many prehispanic cultures, besides this, the vestiges of what could be a temazcal, the pre-Hispanic bath where the mind and soul were purified before any ritual. The field opens up as an entrance to the rest of the ceremonial buildings.

Yohuilichan Archeological Place and Villas Sardoni Hotel

The "house of the night" was the center of prosperous lords, of the tripartite Totonac glory whose architecture shares the style of niches with the Tajín, (located just 60km in a straight line from the place), and pyramidal structures such as those of Zempoala (both the northern zone of the state of Veracruz). Under Mexicas's rule, it would create a melting pot of both cultures.

Nowadays in the entire region, the predominant native language is Nahuatl, which was official in the Aztec empire, Creole attire is still common among the locals, the men wear pants and a white shirt, and the women skirts with colorful embroidery, both wear sandals made of leather and rubber soles, although some can still be seen walking the streets barefoot.

YOHUALICHAN is a small sample of the Totonac culture, located in the mountains of the state of Puebla, whose border with Veracruz state, gave a rugged orography, granting beauty in the landscapes and microclimates, the vegetation has changed from Zacapoaxtla passing through humid cloud forests to tropical jungles, where both the temperature, the fauna, and vegetation is exotic, where you can see from pines and oaks to sweet gums and giant ferns.

These pyramids are located 30 minutes by car from Cuetzalan de Progreso. To get there you must access the Puebla - Xalapa highway, then address into Zacapoaxtla, and from there, take the mountain road to Cuetzalan, and then go to Yohualichan. On the way, there is a cafe shop whose views, when weather permitting, are magnificent.

Enjoy the landscape, exotic flowers abound on the road and you can breathe the rural and country atmosphere. The temperatures can vary from warm to warm, wear comfortable and light clothes and shoes, and do not forget to bring a raincoat or windbreaker.

Where to stay: Villas Zardoni in Cuetzalan.

Where to Eat: All the food is delicious, local Creole food throughout the region, as well as coffee from their plantations near áreas.

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